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Things to do in Roseville, California

One of the concerns that people have when moving to a new home is entertainment. Will there be age appropriate attractions for everyone in the family that is safe, secure, and educational for the kids?


Not all towns are built with kids in mind, the same way that not all developments are found in areas or cities that are child-friendly.


Luckily, there are homes for sale in Citrus Heights and Roseville, California that fit the description— age-appropriate entertainment, centrally located, near commercial areas.


So we rounded up the things that you can do depending on age group:




If retail therapy is what you seek as an adult, there is a beautiful place in Roseville that will hit the right spot. Denio’s Swap Meet and Market is famous because of the quality of products that they sell and the price of goods. If you are a bargain hunter, you might want to head over here for a quick look. Variety of fresh produce, handcrafts, and other novelties await its patrons.




Kids like to see new things and experience exciting activities. If your kid is among them, there are more than five museums in town where you can take your little energy ball for a day of learning and fun.


There is the Maidu Museum & Historic Site, Roseville Phone Museum, Blue Line Arts, Roseville Utility Exploration Center, and the Carnegie Library Historical Museum.


There are also art bistros for the creative minds in town. You see, whatever your child craves, Roseville has it.




For teens who like to do sports or hang out with their friends, there are various activities and places they can go to like Beat the Room, a room that holds tens to hundreds of challenges that will challenge the bond between friends.


There is also Studio Movie Grill where they can hang out for a night of good movies with friends while they enjoy dinner and refreshments!




Let us not forget our dear seniors; there are activities near Folsom Lake that may interest them like fishing or boating. There are also bike lanes and walking paths at the Miners Ravine Trail.


But for those who would like to go on a trip down memory lane, there is an Antique Trove in town for all of your antique needs.


Country Squire Estate is located in Roseville. Your access to shops, restaurants, and other entertainment are all just a few minutes’ drives away.


If you would like to schedule a visit to our property, Please feel free to send us an email. Our team will be happy to assist you in the hunt for your next home.

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