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Mobile home decorating tips

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Mobile home decorating tips

The most exciting part of buying a new home is decorating it according to your needs and wants. It’s what homeowners look forward to when all the dust settles after construction.

It’s the thrill of choosing what paint color should go in the interior and exterior part of your home, picking out the furniture pieces you need in each part of the house, and accentuating every room with items and trinkets that add personality to your overall home aesthetics.

But there are challenges to designing your home, such as size, floor plan, and budget. And decorating a mobile home is no exception.

The popularity of mobile homes, now called manufactured homes, steadily rose after World War II as they can be easily set up to house relocators and new families with a more affordable price tag.

And over the years, the sizes of manufactured homes have evolved from a small floor plan to a spacious floor plan, making it comparable to stick-frame houses.

However, what makes manufactured homes different from traditionally built houses are the limitations that come with pre-fabricated house components that are delivered and installed on the site—and this makes it a challenge to decorate it.

Mobile homes have paneled walls, vinyl wallpaper, odd angles, and low ceilings, among other issues, homeowners may encounter and need to overcome.

But don’t fret. This shouldn’t put you down because you can still decorate your home to reflect your style.

We’ve listed below some tips and ideas for decorating your mobile home.

Dealing with paneled walls

Mobile homes, especially the older ones, come with paneled walls. These strips of vertical molding cover the gap between each panel of wallboard. And these are the most common complaint raised by mobile homeowners.

A simple remedy to this issue is to paint over it. You can paint the strips of the molding according to your choice, may it be one or two coordinating paint colors. White is the best of all because it makes your space look bigger. If you don’t want white, opt for cooler tones to make a room look larger.

You can also opt to remove the paneling, but this might consume a lot of your time and ruin your walls.

And since we’re talking about paint, don’t forget to apply on your ceiling! Opt for white paint on the ceiling to brighten your home.

Floor treatment

Mobile homes usually come with carpets, but you can remove this and replace it with tile, laminate or wood. Laminated flooring is the most affordable and easiest to maintain—just mop it, and you’re good to go! Wood is beautiful but is expensive and high maintenance. Tiles are the middle ground among these floor choices.

Accentuate your floor with rugs to make your space cozy and homey. Define separate living spaces with rugs that come in different color, textures, and patterns.

Make your bathroom look bigger

Bathrooms in mobile homes are usually small; that’s why most homeowners opt to create an illusion of making it look bigger. This can be done by painting it with a soothing color or just white. If you’re adding in towels, rugs and shower curtain, make sure they are coordinated. And always keep your bathroom clutter-free by storing items that are not being used regularly.

Update the cabinets

Whether your cabinets are located in the kitchen or the bedroom, changing them will do wonders for your new home. You can paint them with light colors or replace them with something new—just make sure the new cabinets are lightweight.

Don’t also overdo installation of cabinets. Keep a decent amount of cabinetry to avoid making your space smaller and cluttered.


Spaces in mobile homes are usually not that big, that’s why you should choose furniture that’s not too overwhelming in size. You also shouldn’t buy too much furniture—a few pieces would do well to make a room spacious.

When it comes to upholstery, opt for a plain design because printed ones will make your space look cluttered. In that light, also choose curtains in lighter material and color.

Unlike older mobile home models, manufactured homes have a more updated look and can be customized to your liking.

Here at Country Squire Estates, a Storz Realty community, we offer you with modern manufactured homes with spacious and open floor plans.

So if you’re looking to relocate in Sacramento, California, drop a visit to see our mobile homes available and get a feel of our community.

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