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Mobile Home Community Activities Organized by the Residents of Country Squire Estates

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Mobile Home Community Activities Organized by the Residents of Country Squire Estates

Country Squire Estates has an excellent lineup of activities organized by its own residents!

One of the perks of living in a mobile home community is the wide range of activities available for you and your fellow residents. Being in a close-knit and friendly environment, you will never run out of things to do with your neighbors and friends.

At Country Squire Estates, we make sure that our residents are happy and contented in their quality of life. We offer fun activities that will surely bring our residents closer to and more fond of each other.

Here are some of the activities we offer:

Game Day

What is more fun than a day filled with exciting games that cater to everyone? In our community, we hold Game Day every now and then.

The purpose of this day is to give residents the opportunity to have fun and get to know their neighbors more. It is a day dedicated to friendly competition and happy memories.

Chat & Sew

For those who are not inclined to physical activities, we offer an innovative way for you to bond. Chat & Sew is a sit-down activity meant for those who enjoy more relaxed gatherings.

Those who love arts and crafts will surely have a good time in this activity. It is also perfect even during cold or rainy days.


May we please call all the card game lovers to please stand up? This one is for you. We make sure that our activities are diverse and inclusive. Those who do not love the outdoors can stay comfortable indoors playing one of the country’s most popular card game.

Women’s Bible Study

We believe in the importance of our residents’ spiritual and religious well-being. We host group bible studies for the women of our community. It is a safe space to practice your faith and show dedication to your beliefs.

Potluck Dinners

Nothing brings people closer together than sharing a meal or two. Here in our community, we conduct regular potlucks to allow our residents to mingle and share their favorite food and best recipes with each other.

It is truly a sight to see – a group of people of different backgrounds and interests sharing an amazing meal, and having a remarkable time together. This activity is well-loved by residents. It makes them feel like they belong to one, big, happy family.

Visit Us at Country Squire Estates

We will surely come up with more activities for our residents in the coming days. We try our best to give them an enjoyable time here at Country Squire Estates.

Country Squire Estates is a 175-space, 55-or-older manufactured home community. We have a sprawling garden area perfect for those who loves growing plants and flowers. We have a clubhouse where social gatherings are usually held. Our community is located near commercial areas such as malls and theaters.

If you love these kinds of activities, maybe you are a perfect fit in our mobile home community. If what you are looking for in a community is the right balance of fun and relaxed, then you are in luck! We are the one for you! Pick up a phone and call us today to know more about our beautiful place in Sacramento.

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