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How to Keep Your Mobile Home Cool During the End of Summer

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How to Keep Your Mobile Home Cool During the End of Summer

A mobile home is a great option for many aspiring homeowners. It is cheaper than a traditional home, and the communal environment is a great way to improve on your social experience. However, mobile homeowners have concerns during the summer months when it gets hot. 

As much as everyone loves summer, there are times when the season gets a tad bit uncomfortable. In areas where the sun is scorching, and the air is dry, it can be very hot during the summer months. Regardless of whether you live in a big house, or stay in a mobile home, it is pretty sure that you will experience some discomfort coming from the hot weather. 

We have found ways for you to try to give yourself a bit of comforting breeze for the summertime.  

Add heavier curtains to your home.  

Ditch the sheer, boho-looking curtains and get thicker curtains. Thick curtains have the ability to block the sunlight that makes your house warmer. However, go for lighter colors when choosing curtains. Dark curtains may block the sunlight, but it absorbs heat more.   

Conduct regular maintenance for your AC.  

Dirty AC can cause the emission of hot air in your mobile home. Make sure that the air filters are always clean and fit to your AC system. This will improve the performance of your AC. It is also more energy-efficient if you AC is at its best shape. olgun anne pornosu xxnxxx   

Have portable fans.  

During the summer, the atmosphere may get too dry for anyone’s comfort. Having small fans around the house will help with air circulation.   

Open your windows.  

Opening windows drops the temperature inside your homes. Sometimes, the hot air gets trapped inside, contributing to the warming of the house. By opening the windows, you allow fresher air to breeze into the inside of your home.   

Install heat reflectors. 

Films like sunscreens and tinted screens can block the heat from the sun. Install in your windows during the summertime to keep the house cool.   

Avoid cooking too much.  

We get that summertime generally means more bonding time for family and friends. Instead of cooking too much inside your home, have a barbecue party outside. Take out the grill and do the cooking in the great outdoors. That way, the heat from your stove and oven does not pile on to the heat from the warmer weather.   


If you are thinking about getting a mobile home, consider Country Squire Mobile Home Park in Missouri. Our community is located against the rolling hills of Jefferson County. Our space is filled with trees and greenery to provide comfortable living even during the summer months. You can email us at or call us at 636.677.3522 for more details.  

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