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Benefits of Living in a Pet Friendly Community

Pets are more than just animals. Our pets have become our family and some are even life companions.

Sadly, not all real estate developments welcome them with arms open. Fortunately, there are senior mobile homes in Citrus Heights, California that welcome fur parents and their fur babies.

Here are some of the many reasons why being a pet parent improves your quality of life:


Not only do they give us unconditional love and affection they also protect us and our home from potential danger. They are alert, yet warm and loving.

As for guide dogs who accompany our visually impaired citizens, nothing is more important to them than their person. These pets serve as an extension of their fur parents—a vital part of day to day living for their persons.


We all know that pets make us happy. But more than happiness, our pets are also helping us live longer and healthier.

Studies shows that keeping a pets help relieve stress and tension to the human body. It also helps in the release of happy hormones that do wonders to a person’s overall vitality.

Depending on the breed, some pet dogs can also encourage an active lifestyle because they require outdoor activities to spent the energy they have stored inside of their bodies and when not released properly can be detrimental to your furniture.

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A community that loves pets is a rare gem to find these days because it takes so much work to keep everything in place with pets around. 

Here at Country Squires Estates, we value your overall happiness—your health, your warm heart, and your pet’s needs. Our goal is to create a community that embraces pets as part of the daily lives of its residents. 

If you are a fur parent and looking for a new pet friendly home, we would be very happy to schedule a walking tour with you in our property. Visit us and see what’s in store for you and your fur baby. Shoot us an inquiry via email or call and our staff will assist you for a scheduled visit.

With great location and five-star amenities, Country Squire Estates might just be the place you are looking for.

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