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Benefits of Living in a Community with a Dog Park

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Benefits of Living in a Community with a Dog Park

Pet parents and fur babies alike will benefit from a dog park in various ways. However, not all communities have this amenity, while others are even discriminating against having pets near home properties. Finding a home that is pet-friendly has become more difficult over the years because developers are now prioritizing profit over functionality and actual demands of the home buyers. Imagine a huge parcel of land to be dedicated as a dog park. A regular developer would rather put up a complex, a condominium, or a house and put it up for sale and translate the land value to actual earnings. But, having a dog park is one of the best amenities to have and we will tell you why living in a community with a dog park is the best decision you can do today as a fur parent:


Bringing your fur babies to the dog park means you have to walk them there. Which also means that step one to getting fit has already commenced. You getting out of the house to get some sun light and walk or run with your pet is already a good start. Plus, studies showed that dogs who actually run and play outside have less tendencies to chew on stuff at home like pillows, shoes, and toilet papers. Vets often attribute this behavior to so much available energy that your dogs need to release.


They say there is a time and place for everything and everyone, and having a dog park means pets and their parents will not have to worry about the dogs biting civilians who happen to pass by the area where you decided to play. The dog park will serve as a safe place for your dogs where they can run and play with other pets in a safe environment, while civilians on the streets are also living their lives without worry of being attacked by a territorial pet.


Just like how your mom used to share stories with your neighbor while waiting for you at the bus stop every afternoon, you can also interact with other pet parents and ask them about particular issues that you have noticed about your dog. Like that time when your dog won’t let you leave the sofa by sitting on your feet, or that evening when he won’t stop barking at the pot of plant. The information you can get from these other fur parents may be the key to helping your fur babies to deal with their anxieties. It can also help you become a better fur parent in the future.

While these benefits are true and have been tested several times, not all property or real property developers are open to the idea of having a dog park. Luckily, Country Squires Estate is near a dog park. So, if you are looking for homes for sale along Citrus Heights, you might want to check us at Country Esquires Estate. If you think that this is the place for you and your pets, do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email.

We also do tours and site visits, let us know when you can drop by for a walk in the property and we can take you there. So, next time you consider moving to a pet-friendly neighborhood, keep in mind the Country Squires Estate.

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