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What are the Benefits (and Advantages) of Living in a Mobile Home Community in Sacramento, California?

There are a few reasons why people are looking into mobile home communities in Sacramento, CA (or other nearby cities).


Recent statistics show that the number of mobile home homes units being bought has increased almost four-fold over the last two decades. They are also very popular with seniors who are looking to downsize while still maintaining their independence or families looking at a fresh start. 


If you’re thinking about moving to Sacramento, California, or if you’ve just moved there, you might be interested in learning more about the benefits and advantages of living in a mobile home community. 


Benefits and Advantages of Living in a Mobile Home Community


The weather, the people, the culture, and the affordability are what makes Sacramento, California a great place to live. There is a lot to do and see in this city, but the cost of living is lower than other more well-known cities in the U.S., so there is more room in the budget to enjoy and experience the local attractions. 


Mobile home parks are one of the most popular types of housing in Sacramento and all over the country. Some of the benefits and advantages of living in a mobile home community include: 

  • Mobile home communities in Sacramento, CA are much more affordable than a standard home. 
  • Location: In a standard home, you might be living way out in the suburbs or you might have to commute for hours just to get to work. With a mobile home community, your property is located within walking distance of stores and restaurants nearby. 
  • Reduced property taxes (since they are considered as manufactured housing) 
  • Lower maintenance fees 
  • The ability to move at any time, without having to worry about selling your home or finding someone else to rent it out
  • Living with people who have similar interests: You can meet people with similar interests in your community by attending events or joining clubs. 
  • Maintaining privacy: Many mobile home communities allow residents to maintain their privacy by keeping their personal property inside their unit.


What are the Qualities of a Good Mobile Home Community?


For starters, it’s important to find a mobile home community that has the amenities and services that you’re looking for. 


For example, if you want to do a bit more gardening, you’ll want to make sure a mobile home community offers this type of access. However, these are just some of the qualities of a good mobile home community. Other qualities include level terrain, plenty of parking space, and nearby restaurants and shopping centers.


A key quality of a good mobile home community is the ability to customize your lifestyle. This means that you can choose your floorplan when you move in and pick out the features that make your ideal living space possible. 


For example, if you like to entertain guests frequently or have more people living in your household than there are units in the community, this allows for additional amenities.


Why Are Mobile Home Communities So Popular?


Living in a mobile home community is a big plus for seniors and retirees, particularly those who are downsizing and want a bit more independence. 


The mobile home community lifestyle is all about living in a community where you have neighbors who are just like you. You can have a support system that’s there for you whenever you need it. Mobile home communities are also safer, more peaceful, and more affordable than traditional communities.


About Country Squire Estates


Country Squire Estates is a 175-space, 55-or-better mobile & manufactured home community in Sacramento, California. It even has an ideal location near Citrus Heights and I-80. 


The park remains a serene oasis tucked into the forested enclave and wrapped on three sides by Arcade and Cripple Creeks. There is even a Garden Club that hosts farmer’s markets within the park from time to time with beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables growing here. Including your private plot where you can grow whatever you want for yourself or others to enjoy. 


We have an on-site clubhouse where people can socialize as well as watch movies or TV shows by the fireplace. 


Dogs are welcome at this community too – running them in an enclosed dog run area of the property as well as socializing with other dogs owners around their big screen TV fireplace next to it.


A Final Word the Benefits (and Advantages) of Living in a Mobile Home Community


If you’re considering moving to a mobile home community, it’s always a good idea to know what the most popular reasons are. There are so many things to consider, from the location to the type of community you can expect, that it can be extremely difficult to choose just one. 


Sacramento is a good place to live. And Country Squire Estates is a friendly, serene community in Sacramento that provides residents with the perfect environment to relax and enjoy life. 


Come check out Country Squire Estates today to see what our mobile home community has to offer. Send us a message by filling out this form or calling us at (916) 332-5445.

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