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7 Affordable Ways to Enjoy Summer in Sacramento

The summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy everything the sweltering weather has to offer. However, not everyone has the budget to splurge on an expensive excursion. Fortunately, living in Country Squire Estates, which is a tight-knit manufactured home community in Sacramento, means you’re near nature attractions and can enjoy local events without having to spend a fortune just to have fun. 


Whether you like the idea of a staycation, a fun night with friends, or a close-to-nature vacation, this is a list of exciting summer activities you can enjoy that come with owning a home that’s near Citrus Heights and the vibrant city of Roseville.  


1. Go on a hike


One of the best ways to enjoy Sacramento’s great weather and diverse landscape is to go hiking. Luckily, there are several hiking trails in and around the region, some of which are free while others require a small admission fee. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors, and you can even choose from dozens of trails that offer varying terrains, amenities and landscapes. 


Meanwhile, if you’re a newbie hiker, you may want to choose a hike under 5 miles with relatively flat terrain or at least something that requires minimal climbing.


One of the appeals of short hiking is that it’s cheap and easy. You only need a good pair of hiking boots, water and snacks, appropriate clothing, and sunscreen and you’re good to go.


2. Attend music concerts


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the local culture and listen to some great music, Sacramento is the right place for you. Known for its exciting music scene and party-goers, the region regularly holds outdoor concerts, especially during the summer months.


You may want to check out the Aftershock Festival and Concerts in the Park series and see if these events are a great reason for you to invite your friends and family. While some outdoor music events require an admission fee, others are free. Some concerts also offer discounts if you purchase tickets in advance. 


3. Attend outdoor festivals


As a vibrant region and home to a melting pot of cultures, it is not surprising that Sacramento holds cultural festivals during the summer months, including the Banana Festival, Aftershock Festival, and California State Fair. (Note: Most cultural festivals in the area cost between $15 and $20, which makes them extremely affordable.)


Whether you’re into a cultural festival, a street party, or a family-friendly event, Sacramento’s rich culture and fun-loving residents will not disappoint you. 


4. Try tubing on the American River 


If you’re into recreational activities in water but find the usual water sports too much of an effort, why not try tubing, aka lazy floating, down the American River, which is a 30-mile long river in California that runs from the High Sierra to its confluence with the Sacramento River?


Tubing, unlike some water sports activities, is great for all ages, including kids and “non-sporty” individuals. For this reason, it is increasingly becoming a popular activity among family group vacationers. There are several riverside companies that offer inflatable tube rental and water sports activities like boating, fishing and kayaking. 


5. Go on a road trip


If you’d like to explore something new but don’t want long travels, a short road trip is a good option. Luckily, Sacramento is the perfect place to do this leisure activity since it’s only a short drive from vibrant cities like Roseville, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Galt, and Fair Oaks.


6. Check out the local museums


If you’re interested in art or history, there are plenty of museums in the area worth checking out, including  the California Museum and the California Automobile Museum


Local museums are either free or require a small admission fee, especially for visiting families with children, students, and seniors.(Note: You may want to visit the museums’ websites to see their schedule and special promos and discounts. 


7. Ride your bike or scooter


If you’re looking for a cheap way to explore  Sacramento, you can easily do so by riding a bike or renting a scooter if you want to cover more ground quicker. Just make sure that you wear a helmet to avoid fines. 


But if you’re into nature trips, check out Sacramento’s top bike and hiking trails, from those with rugged terrains to beginner-friendly paths. 




The summer is the perfect time to explore Sacramento, a region known for its exciting festivals and music events, water sports activities, breathtaking landscapes, and nature trips. 


Instead of seeing Sacramento as a summer getaway, why not make it your permanent home? Check out Country Squires Estates, which is a 55 & over mobile home community located near Citrus Heights and just off Highway I-80. You can also leave us a message if you want to know more about this quaint neighborhood. 

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