Best Spa Places around Sacramento


With the multitude of stressful things happening in the world right now, one must always make time to unwind. Releasing the tension in your body is an important part of maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Once in a while, one must indulge themselves with a relaxing massage or body scrub. After all, the recent years have been all about self-care! 

Here are some places where you can practice self-care in Sacramento!  

Blue Tangerine Spa 

5340 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819 

The spa’s mission is to bring the body back into balance and to provide a haven for the guests to experience a renewed sense of well-being. Most of their guests complimented on how courteous the staff is. This spa is open from Tuesday through Saturdays. You can call them at (916) 456-4772 or email them at to schedule an appointment.   

Thai Massage & Spa Retreat 

1510 J Street, Suite 140 Sacramento, CA 95814 

Everybody who loves massage has surely heard of the magic that is Thai massage. This type of massage is world-renowned for its many beneficial effects. Despite its name, Thai Massage & Spa Retreat offers other types of services, such as Swedish massage, facials, body scrubs. If you are looking for a refreshing treat, you should head out to this place as soon as possible! 

Asha Urban Baths 

2417 27th St Sacramento, CA 95818 

Asha Urban Baths opened its doors in 2016. Since then, it has been a crowd favorite. This place is a co-ed bathhouse with sauna, massages, and yoga classes. The sophisticated interiors help uplift the mood of the visitors. The staff is well-trained and inviting. Most of the guests who visit go back because of their wonderful service. 

All Seasons Day Spa 

1422 28th Street Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95816 

All Seasons Day Spa has been part of the Sacramento life since 1998. For decades, this well-loved spa has serviced thousands of satisfied customers. The spa offers different services for the face, body, hand, and foot. Guests simply need to voice out their concerns or problem areas, and the staff will suggest the best solution to their concerns. The spa is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Don’t let anyone stop you from giving yourself your much-needed pamper time. An equal amount of self-care must accompany the amount of effort you exert in taking good care of the people around you. No one can take care of yourself more than you. Invest in a happy disposition and a clearer mind by giving yourself a break once in a while. Make sure to visit the spas mentioned above, because you earn it.  

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